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The Better View Magnifier

The very first patented surgical magnifier to be sterilized and placed with the rest of the instruments, with a light for better viewing even when the lights are turned down while performing surgery.

The Better View Magnifier will be sterilize in a Amsco Steris Sterilizer

The Person Behind the Business

Gracie Trimble

Founder & Managing Member

Gracie Trimble has spent her entire career in the medical field which is what led her to founding the Better View Magnifier Company. She began as a Certified Nurse's Assistant in the late 1970's, eventually transitioning to micro-surgery as a Certified Surgical Technician. She is a member of the Association of Surgical Technologists and was recently chosen by Who's Who as one of their most promising new additions to the business community in the Altadena area. A true entrepreneur, Gracie spent years developing and then patenting her Magnifier which was borne out of a vision she had while working at UCLA in 1980. She has worked closely with the leadership of the incubation organization Business Technology Center and hopes to share in the success that has been seen by many of their talented participants. Gracie feeds her passion for helping others.

Native to Southern California, Gracie is the youngest of eleven children and has raised three sons' as a single parent. She is no stranger to adversity, having lived through the Watts riots as a child and losing her husband at a painfully young age. She believes her tenacity and strength come from the strong Christian values of her upbringing and from the examples her parents set during the relationship they shared for more than 40 years.

Gracie's most challenging experiences and favorite accomplishments have been in seeing her dream of the Better View Magnifier become a reality. Perseverance was her biggest challenge as there were numerous obstacles to overcome and it is far easier to quit than to follow through. But Gracie knew her dream was worthwhile and that developing it would greatly improve an industry to which she felt deeply indebted and truly enjoys. The venture has been completely self-financed and has most definitely been a labor of love. It has taken her on a journey few individuals have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime and as the company's leader, Gracie is excited for the next chapter to unfold. Her dedication will be the cornerstone of building the business, taking Better View Magnifier Company from a start-up to a globally recognized leader in the industry.



Just a few accolades that some of the staff that has use the Better View Magnifier

Discover The Better View Magnifier.

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